What's on the red carpet of the 2019 Golden Globes

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    What's on the red carpet of the 2019 Golden Globes

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Last year’s Golden Globes red carpet was a blackout, in order to against sexual harassment in the industry, actresses on the red carpet promised that the color boycott was more than a statement, that it would be a movement that would fundamentally shift the sexist undertones of the red carpet for good.
This year is totally different that saturated colour and complicated crease design take over the red carpet. Here is the most of the Golden Globes. And here I just pick some of my favorite outfit to share with you. 
So I’ll start with Gaga.  I liked the color and the gown on her– it was great and the perfect amount of drama without it being meat or something. Even some people dislike her hair colour, I just want to say, if she still keep the white or blond hair someone will still say that she copies Elsa's style in the Frozen. So, I think it's reasonable and creative for Gaga with this hair.

We don’t often see gray — or gray worn well — on the red carpet.
So, that’s why I was quite enchanted to see the ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ actress in this custom Alexander McQueen macramé-lace dress.
I love the asymmetrical hem and the exquisite, intricate detailing here, coupled with the sprinkle of embellishment adding a layer of luminosity to the design.
That her sandals were an identical shade to the dress, and that she mirrored the gunmetal hue in her eye makeup, only elevated the striking look even more.

Being  stunning in the red carpet can be effortless sometimes that you don't need too much complex, puffball dress but just some fit cutting and delicate on it. Constance Wu looks so adorable and pretty in Vera Wang that the bright orange bow dropping on her waist make the style look effortless but elegant.

I will have whatever Julia Roberts is having for breakfast because she is Benjamin Button-ing so hard in this look. Her whole appearance is just so luminescent and pretty! This is a funky look, but I feel like it works on her, no? The shoes and earrings are perfect too.

Charlize looked so…. Charlize. She is always so statuesque and stunning and this look really suited her. Just gorgeous.

Otherwise, you can see many bright colour on the red carpet this year, but it doesn't always go well son everyone. I’m not sure canary yellow is Rachel Brosnahan’s best color- but the dress itself was pretty. She needed bolder earrings and a bracelet. It felt a bit too plain.  And Allison Janney is always a favorite of mine, but the fit was a bit off on this gown- the sleeves too long and the top a bit too low/ droopy.  The hair feels too casual/ flat as well.


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