What Your Office Gifting Style Says About You

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    What Your Office Gifting Style Says About You

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It’s the most wonderful time of year. The time of year where you’re tying up loose ends, locking in your annual leave and left scratching your head over what to get for the office Secret Santa. Whether you love it or loathe it, there’s no denying that office gift-giving says just as much about the giver as it does the receiver. Ahead, we round up the usual suspects under the 9-5 tree, and what they’re actually saying.

Gift Card
First impression… I wanted to give you money, but didn’t want to look lazy.
On closer inspection… You have a vague idea of what this person might spend their money on, but don’t know them well enough to make the call yourself. You’re giving the gift of choice, but if you work in retail, it'd better not be from your own store.

First impression… Festive season = indulgence. Indulgence = food.
On closer inspection… You didn’t know what to get them, but everyone’s gotta eat, right? If you can tailor the gift to their personal tastes, you actually might have a winner on your hands. Do some desk drawer recon, stat.

First impression… I once saw a stock photo of a lady looking relaxed. There was a candle involved.
On closer inspection… Unless this person’s explicitly told you they love a good three-wick situation and doesn’t shut up about their favourite scents, a candle screams I had no ideas and no time left to sort my life out. This gift can be salvaged if you’ve gone the premium route. Think luxurious scents or niche notes, and ‘gram-worthy glass vessels to seal the deal.

First impression… I love shiny, smelly, sparkly things, and you should too.
On closer inspection… Similar to cousin candle, the gift of beauty can fall anywhere on the spectrum of incredibly basic to incredibly brilliant. Pay attention to their daily look, and take notes. Do they love a red lip? Are they a hand cream heroine? Is their manicure forever immaculate? Step away from the fizzy bath bombs and give them something they might actually use.

First impression… Do I know you super well, or am I just super creepy? You decide.
On closer inspection… Usually for your work wife or desk mate, the bespoke gift reflects the individuality of the recipient, and reflects super brownie points back onto you. If you want to go the bespoke route for a colleague you’re not too familiar with, get in touch with their teammates first - lest you gift a leather-bound diary to a staunch vegan.

Reusable Coffee Cup
First impression… Eco-smug
On closer inspection… A failsafe gift no matter who you’re giving it to. The recipient will fall into one of two cup camps:
1. They’ll already be a convert, and will welcome any addition to their growing collection. Variety (and more cups to use between washes) is the spice of life.
2. They haven’t yet bought themselves a cup, and are choking the planet one latte at a time. Your gift highlights the error of their ways, and then offers a stylish solution.


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