What Skirt Style Suits You Best?

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    What Skirt Style Suits You Best?

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It’s the quinessential feminine piece of clothing, and for centuries, skirts have been wore by women for practically every occasion. Nowadays, there are so many different types of skirts that it’s almost overwhelming trying to find that perfect skirt just for you.

With these handy tips, hopefully it becomes easier to pick what suits you the best. First, it’s important to identify which body type you fit the best, because we all know that everyone is different, and once you know that it’s easier to narrow down your perfect skirt. So let’s get started!


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If you have a body shape with a slim lower half with most of the weight carried around the middle, you are best suited to high waisted, shorter skirts particularly pleated or flouncy skirts.

This accentuates your figure by hugging your waist and essentially covering your mid-section, allowing you to show off your beautiful legs. If you want to go for something longer, pick something cut on the bias and perhaps asymmetrical. If it brings attention to your legs, it’s going to make you look and feel good.


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If your hips are the widest part of your body, you fit into the “pear” body shape. A-line skirts are going to be your best friend.

This it because the volume of the upper part of the skirt perfectly sits over your hips and adds elegance with its flow. Full circle skirts have a similar effect, as will any skirt that flares slightly outwards at the top and falls down, as the goal is to balance out your hips, thighs and legs.

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If you have wider shoulders and slimmer waist and hips, never fear, just look for anything that will add volume to your hips. Anything with an outward flare is yours to wear.

Pleats, gathers and pockets, anything that will add volume is good for you. Give a bias-cut dress a try, they add volume and make your legs look great. Stick to full and flared skirts, and try to avoid anything that’s too tapered.


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If you’re curvy at the hips, your “hourglass” figure will always look amazing in a pencil skirt. Fitting tightly around your hips, it will accentuate your curves and smooth out your thighs.

Pencil or tulip skirts are your best options, as well as skirts that are made of a soft knit or any fabric that drapes well as it will fit snug to your individual body. Certain A-line skirts can suit you as well, just don’t pick anything that’s going to downplay those gorgeous curves.


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If your figure is a bit flatter and you want to add volume from the waist down, the good news is you can pretty much wear anything! 

A tapered hemline to give definition, and you can pick pretty much anything that’s going to add extra volume. Pleats, tiers, bubble hems, pockets, visible stitches, large zippers if you see something you like, go for it! Perhaps just try to avoid anything that’s too straight cut and is going to fall down flat.

So there we go, skirt styles to suit different body types so there’s hopefully something there to help you. With summer around the corner, you can step out every day knowing you look and feel absolutely fabulous!


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