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    Vogue VS Fashion Bloggers

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I was at my last year of Uni and there wasn't any Pinterest or Instagram to browse searching for outfit inspirations back in 2009. I was then addicted of Lookbook.nu, a platform where an elite of people, selected by the creators, were uploading their daily  outfits. One of the most popular girls on the website had my same name, Chiara. I didn't know yet she would become one of the most internationally known Fashion Bloggers and ambassador of a movement that is still flipping the scale of the Fashion  world.

Source: www.lookbook.nu/

She was one of the most popular among all others in Indie-Emo outfits because of her lady-like looks. Her photos were clearly not from a self timer camera and she showcased a ridiculous amount of designer clothes and accessories, like Balenciaga bags and Louboutin heels in the same amount all the other bloggers were wearing All Stars and Zara. I then discovered she was from a very wealthy Milan family and her (then) boyfriend was a photographer. There you go. Easy to look cool when your dad pays for your expensive clothes and when your partner arrange a photo shooting every time you walk out of the door. She became more and more popular and she became host of some TV programs in Italy and there my opinion on her plummeted. I still remember my Uni mates and I laughing on her statement "I love Alexander McQueen because of his dark style". Yek. You expect something better from someone becoming famous as Fashion Blogger.

These memories came to my mind few weeks ago when I read an article about Milan Fashion Week by Vogue Creative Digital Director Sally Singer. She wrote "Note to Bloggers who change head-to-toe paid-to-wear outfits every hour: please stop. Find another business. You are heralding the death of style."

Other editors then joined her bringing grist to their mill.

The Web went absolutely mental, with Fashion Bloggers threatening to reveal the name of editors who admitted to get paid to wear or write about a particular brand.

Now, stepping back and looking at all this matter from another perspective, in my opinion the right is, as usual, in the middle.

On the bloggers side, they are breaking that thick curtain that always kept Fashion Editors far from common people, locked up in their alabaster tower looking down at us, ready to get fashion knowledge from them, Demi Gods with Prada Fashion Show invitation. Also is clear for everybody in the industry, Fashion Bloggers drive otherwise weak sales. Apparently because their way, even if paid, looks more true and independent. Much more than a shiny Vogue cover shoot by Mario Testino.

On the Editors side, I do understand their frustration. You spent years studying, improving yourself, interning for ages at any publishing company to build a name and there she is, a pretty girl with a rich dad who doesn't know much about history of fashion but any of her photos is worth 10 times more of any of your editorials. She is probably now sitting of the Front Row and you're in the fourth or fifth, or maybe standing at the back. In a consumeristic era, the influencer gives the illusion of everything right here right now, easy to get like take a photo with an Iphone.

Nothing wrong with that, I do it too. The thing really worries me are people becoming famous without knowledge or experience, only because they have a rich or famous family behind. I see tons of them on Instagram, I am pretty sure everybody knows few of them. They give the idea the fashion world is easy and fun. It is definitely fun if you love it but it also a lot of work and sacrifice.

I think it is time for people to understand that and to think twice before to push the "follow" button. Go for the talent, not for the expensive clothes they wear. Talent is when you wear a $10 Cotton On tee and make that look cool like a Givenchy one. I am totally in for Fashion Bloggers and Influencers when they have real style, not just money from their dad and they are too lazy to get a "real" job.

At the same time, I hope Editors will give up of floating in that Domus Aurea and going back to the people, to make them fully understand and embrace that desire of beauty we sometimes ditch fooled by easy solutions.


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