Under the Radar Fashion Roles You Didn’t Know Existed

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    Under the Radar Fashion Roles You Didn’t Know Existed

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Dreaming of a career in fashion? It’s easy to rattle off some of the industry’s most visible roles - think fashion journalist, designer, PR maven, stylist - but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to the jobs you lusted over while watching The Hills. Ahead, we round up some of our favourite undercover fashion careers you might not have heard of, but should seriously consider…

3D Fashion Engineer
While the robot uprising is still a little way off, tech and fashion are intertwining at breakneck speed. The role of 3D Fashion Engineer is set to be in high demand over the next decade, with engineers responsible for bringing a designer’s 2D sketches to life through CAD software and 3D printing.

Trend Forecaster
The best trends happen organically, and it’s up to the fashion forecaster to pinpoint the next big thing before it even hits your Insta feed. Trend forecasters draw research from around the globe and cross-reference this with retail patterns and consumer behaviour to help designers and businesses determine what to work on for upcoming seasons.

Runway Technician
Anyone who’s ever watched a fashion show - either on screen or IRL - knows that it’s not just a matter of flicking on a few spotlights and turning the music up to ten. A runway technician can be responsible for part or all of the technical elements of event production, ranging from light design and installation, audio engineering, set construction and more.

e-Commerce Copywriter
Love fashion writing but can’t picture yourself as a blogger or journalist? Copywriters are responsible for creating and editing written content for designers, brands and other fashion businesses that need to communicate with an audience. This role traverses everything from product descriptions, landing pages, editorial posts and campaign copy, and is a viable alternative to the traditional fashion magazine route.

Print Designer
If you’ve got an eye for detail and the design skills to match, becoming a print technician could be the perfect fit. A print designer works in collaboration with a head designer or product development team to conceptualise original prints for use in seasonal collections, and must work with colour, shape and line to bring a vision to life.


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