Three Halloween Costumes For The Fashion Focused

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    Three Halloween Costumes For The Fashion Focused

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I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a big, unashamed, horn-tooting fan of going all-out on Halloween. I’m talking face paint, fake blood, ratty wigs from the $2 shop – the lot! In direct juxtaposition of Mean Girls logic, I believe Halloween is the one day of the year when you shouldn’t worry about looking ‘good’ and should instead embrace all things gruesome and ghoulish. However! I’m also a firm believer in incorporating your passions into Halloween costumes, hence why my track record includes Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks and matching taco outfits with my dog. And when your primary love is fashion, I fully understand wanting to dress a tad more couture than creepy on All Hallows’ Eve which is why I’ve compiled this here listicle of costumes that see you show off your stylish ways while still fully committing to the festivities. 


Penny Lane

Almost Famous/DreamWorks Pictures via Grazia 

The 70s are oh-so-in right now so a Penny Lane tribute is an A+ way to make the most of your current wardrobe while still being in the running for ‘best dressed’ at any Halloween party. Rummage around for a frothy, sheer blouse, lots and lots of crochet, tinted glasses and, of course, a shearling jacket. Just make sure you’re ready to belt out ‘Tiny Dancer’ when the time inevitably comes. 



Andie Walsh

Pretty in Pink/Paramount Pictures via HelloGiggles

Andie Walsh donned countless ‘volcanic ensembles’ throughout Pretty in Pink so you’ll be spoiled for choice when choosing which one to emulate on Halloween night. May I suggest her granny-chic black bowler hat with floral ribbon coupled with round, wire-framed specs? If you’re not feeling that, chucking on a few beaded necklaces and a shedload of pink will do the trick. Or if you’re really committed, pull an Andie and mash together a couple of op-shop dresses to create a replica of perhaps the most divisive prom dress in cinematic history. 



Carrie Bradshaw

Sex and the City/HBO via Marie Claire

Obviously. This list just wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Carrie Bradshaw now, would it? The star of Sex and the City continues to influence trends today and her casual yet flamboyant tank top, tutu and natural curls combo is an easy and trendy option for October 31st. In fact, she might have just convinced me to trade in my Dracula fangs for a pair of Louboutins this year…


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