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    the ultimate party outfit without glittering/sequines

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It has always been struggling to pick the perfect outfit for New Year's Eve which doesn't just about looking ah-mazing. We all have the experience sitting on the bed or  scavenging whatever twinkly pieces you can find in store or friends  closet. But while you think out that you are not gonna wear those sparkling dress again in the next party or daily, you will hesitate what should you do. You could call it the ultimate procrastination — what else offers a year-long run-up? — but what my whiny, sweaty admission of defeat is actually trying to express is: none of the clothes I actually want to wear seem festive enough for the occasion. And sparkles aren’t really my thing.
This year, in an uncharacteristic attempt at forethought, I decided to conduct some preliminary research about how to mix different pieces that you more likely have in the closet to so the ultimate party outfit. How could I look festive without looking “festive”? Need I sparkle? If you’re pondering the same questions, enjoy the fruits of my labor below: seven spirited outfit ideas that can stand up to the occasion that is New Year’s Eve, no sequins need apply. And I am sure you can reuse them in your daily outfit as well.

Pattern clashing can give you a sparking look 

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In you daily outfit, you may separate these patterns into different look. However, in the party, please don't scare of mixing them. I borrower the outfit from Chiara that I think she uses the strips, flora print and the dotted stock smartly, but you can find that she still try to connect the major colour: black and red. this is really important while you wearing multi-patternes.

How about plaid-the thing that you must have !


If you are thinking what is the safe patter, then I would say plaid is always your best choice cuz you must have few pieces of it, and it never push you out off the classic. Perhaps styling with a not-too-flared, not-too-skinny pair of checked trousers would give you the other inspiration as well!

Metal or Leather Coat could be your best cover


It is really easy and convince just wearing the metal or leather coat with a heels for the party. Especially no one will know actually you wear a turtleneck and jeans inside but you will still look good.


Statement silver is the new sequins


I was aware that silver jewelry is having a moment right now, but per Paloma, this trend isn’t limited to earrings, necklaces and rings. That beltand clutchare so mesmerizing that I can’t decide which I want to kiss at midnight. And to make things even harder for myself, I’m fantasizing about adding these crackled metallic mulesinto the mix.


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