Spring Clean Your Study Space

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    Spring Clean Your Study Space

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A surefire way to boost productivity and positivity around your work? An organised, engaging space! Whether you’re in high school, juggling college courses or working from home, the right workspace can make a world of difference to how you approach and (gasp!) enjoy hitting the books. Ahead, some of our favourite tried-and-tested methods to making your space work for you.

Edit, edit, edit.
And no, not just your writing. Completely empty your workspace - yes, even that mystery drawer down the bottom - and put everything back in its place one item at a time. You’ll quickly discover just how much dead weight you’re hoarding, and how little you actually need to get your work done effectively. The same rules of wardrobe editing apply here; if you haven’t used something in the past year, you’re probably not going to use it in the future. Half-empty packet of pencils from art class? Goodbye. Middle school assignments you’re keeping for reference? Sayonara…

Work the room.
While we can’t all have our dream workspace, we can orient our existing set-up to make the most of our surroundings. Move your desk close to a source of natural light, or invest in some quality lighting to warm the space and take the strain off your eyes if you work into the night. Minimise any clutter that might distract you, like an overflowing laundry basket or blinking Bluetooth soundbar, so that you can focus freely on the work in front of you.

Style the space.
Now comes the fun part - styling! Look at what remains in your workspace, and see how you can organise items to promote interest and inspiration. A few key prints or pieces of art can bring the space to life, or opt for a moodboard with playful pins that you can switch up in an instant. Choose stationery that you love, and storage solutions that complement the space, rather than weigh it down - think vertical shelving, clear containers and dashes of metallic for a luxurious look and feel that still means business.


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