Skin & Beauty Tips to Survive Winter in Style

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    Skin & Beauty Tips to Survive Winter in Style


While we’ve sorted our Winter wardrobes for the season ahead, our beauty bag is a whole other ball game. Between skincare, hair and makeup, the cold snap can wreak havoc on even the most methodical of grooming routines. Ahead, we look at a few simple swaps to keep you looking and feeling your best - even if the weather isn’t!

The richer, the better…
Moisturiser, that is. Swap your lightweight summer moisturiser for an oil-based formula to help lock in moisture and prevent the skin from drying out throughout the day.

Lip service…
Chapped, cracked lips are never a good look, and the cold weather makes it a constant battle to keep your pout in perfect condition. Choose an emollient balm over a light tinted formula to give your lips an extra barrier of protection from wind chill.

Masquerade party…
Wind, rain and heat styling can seriously stress out your tresses this time of year. Apply a conditioning hair mask once a week to keep frizz, dry ends and weather-affected texture in check with a shot of targeted hydration.

Get steamy…
While it can be tempting to step into a steaming hot shower, the high heat can cause your skin to dry out faster. The result? Itchy, uncomfortable skin that’ll need some serious TLC to recuperate. If you can’t resist turning the hot tap up to ten (hey, we’re all human!), opt for a thick body butter or post-shower lotion to quench the skin.


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