Our Fave Apps for Budding Creatives

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    Our Fave Apps for Budding Creatives

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Imagine if your phone had the power to make you more productive, and not less… Ahead, we round up some of our favourite apps for budding creatives, and take a closer look at how the right technological tools can do wonders for your workload.

If you love nothing more than pinning and editing Pinterest boards, turn your attention to Trello. This project management tool lets you organise your workload into different boards, and break them down further using lists, cards and check-box functions. Whether you share your boards with a group or use them solo for studying, it’s a great way for visual learners to track their tasks.

Do you ever sit down to study, and eight hours later wonder what happened to your time? Look no further than RescueTime. This handy tool keeps track of the time you spend on different tasks, from answering emails, designing, writing and… mindlessly scrolling social media. While it won’t necessarily stop you from wasting time, it will highlight exactly how you’re spending it - and that’s the first step to reorienting your productivity.

Want a digital swatch book in the palm of your hand? Choose PANTONE Studio. Use it to match colours from photographs, connect to your design programs or simply explore the 13,000+ hues on offer to get inspiration for your next assignment or design project.

Moleskine Notes
For those who want the look and feel of paper with the technological ease of a tablet? Moleskine Notes is the answer. This innovative set from the stationery stalwart features a uniquely designed notebook with convergence technology embedded within each page - meaning you can convert your freehand drawings and notes into the accompanying app, and sync, share and edit to your heart’s content.

Got a growing CV? Want to have your professional portfolio in your pocket? The Monogram app for iOS lets you create a tile-based digital portfolio with text, links, images and more, and can be viewed both on and offline for maximum accessibility even when the Wi-Fi’s down.

So, you’ve kickstarting your freelancing career and now realise how much tracking and chasing invoices sucks. Rounded is perfect for creatives and sole traders who want an intuitive app that makes invoicing and accounting a breeze. You can connect the app to your back account, accept multiple currencies and customise your invoice format to reflect your logo and colour palette. Best of all? It tells you when clients have viewed your invoice!

Find yourself taking a quiz to see what type of garlic bread you are, just because you can? Get your hands on Freedom. This app lets you block any sites or mobile apps that might distract you from doing work - simply select the items you wish to block and for how long, and watch your productivity skyrocket.


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