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    One night with Gritty Pretty

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Gritty Pretty is the brainchild of beauty editor Eleanor Pendleton.  With confidence and perseverance Eleanor completed her studies in journalism at Macleay College and worked as a Beauty Editor for Instyle and FAMOUS. She also wrote for Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Sydney Morning Herald and many other publications.

All Images: Tereza Berkemeier

Nigel Stanislaus is the very remarkable and talented Director of Maybelline, who has a solid understanding of fashion with a background in both fashion and graphic design. His unique approach to make up has seen him build a solid clientele base who includes Olivia Newtown-John, Ruby Rose, Natalie Bassingwaite and Jess Hart amongst others.

Together they teamed up to bring a one night only, beauty and make up masterclass evening which was held in both Sydney and Melbourne and sponsored by Maybelline.

As a graduate of June Dally Watkins Business Finishing School, I always thought I could have learnt more in my make up and deportment classes so I am so pleased to be a part of the 100 attendees who will be gaining insight into beauty and makeup secrets, tricks and tips from these experts.

At Whitehouse Design Institute guests of this evening are greeted with canapes, champagne, Aperol Spritzers and Voss water. I take my seat which is wrapped with the most luxurious and generous gift bag I have seen.

Here are some of the beauty and make up tricks and tips Eleanor and Nigel shared:-

  • Contouring - is an important trick which gives shape to an area and face enhancing the facial structure through makeup.  Contouring is supposed to be subtle and not apparent.  For example use Maybelline strobe cream on the upper cheek bone then apply a bronzer directly underneath to achieve that subtle contour.
  • Smoky Eye – You can use a brush to apply but to make it more intense use your finger tips.
  • Eyelashes – the trend at the moment is ‘star’ shape less black strokes on the outside for an impact.
  • Blush – the current trend is to apply blush downwards like a tear drop.
  • Foundation – Match your foundation to your skin colour if you are aiming for a more tanned look use bronzer to add depth not foundation.
  • Sunscreen – SPF 50. Wear it every day is the only solution to combating wrinkles it’s your skin’s best defence.

The night ended with both hosts personally speaking to individual guests. Thank you Gritty Pretty and Maybelline for spoiling us with this luxurious and intimate evening.


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