Office Party Etiquette 101

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    Office Party Etiquette 101


With 11.5 months of work down, there’s only one thing (besides your inbox) left to conquer - the office Christmas party. If this year marks your initiation into this time-honoured tradition, fear not - the following tips have been tried, tested and approved for maximum win and minimum why on earth did I do that?

DO adhere to the dress code…
Whether it’s a themed event or tasting plates at an upscale eatery, it’s always wise to make your personal style work within the dress code. If it’s a formal venue, you’ll look stylishly informed, and if it’s silly costumes all round, you’ll look like a team player.

DON’T go crazy on the canapés and cocktails…
Especially if your boss is graciously footing the bill. While end of year celebrations typically revolve around wining and dining, it’s good practise to pace yourself and avoid taking advantage of someone else picking up the tab. Eat, drink and be merry, in moderation - unless you wanna be that girl who scarfed all the sashimi without sharing.

DO remember to say thanks…
While Christmas parties might seem like a given, they’re often a logistical and financial decathlon those tasked with organising the event. Saying thanks to your boss, supervisor or HR team is a surefire way to get your name on the nice list this season.

DON’T forget that they’re still your colleagues…
It’s all too easy to let loose at office festivities and forget that you have to front up the next morning, dignity intact. A good rule of thumb? Avoid the office gossip, sharing your deepest, darkest secrets and engaging in spur-of-the-moment romance. Might sound like a drag, but Tomorrow You will be thankful.


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