No Time to Intern? No Worries.

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    No Time to Intern? No Worries.

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Gaining hands-on work experience is imperative to a successful start in the fashion industry, but what do you do if your circumstances don’t afford you the days you need? Whether you need to work to support yourself, have taken on extra classes or live outside a metropolitan hub, there’s no need to sacrifice the idea of an internship - you simply need to reframe it to work for you. Ahead, we look at some tips and tricks to help develop your practical skills and build a professional foundation no matter your scheduling situation.

‘Gram smarter, not harder…
Most - if not, all - jobs in the fashion and creative fields have some sort of visual component, and Instagram is the perfect platform to highlight your photography or styling skills without having to set foot in a studio. Keep your aesthetic consistent and your posts professional, and you’ll quickly have a grid that doubles as a portfolio… Just remember save the brunch shots and Saturday night Stories for your personal account.

Put pen to paper…
Or finger to keyboard, rather. While blogging in its traditional form is no longer requisite for the realm of influencers, there’s something to be said for having a way with words. Choose your preferred platform, and create a space where you can share your fashion-centric writing with the world. It can be as simple as reviewing this season’s hottest trends, expressing your own opinions on industry happenings, or putting together styling advice (with your own spin, of course). Read widely for inspiration, but remember to hone your own voice - not replicate another writer’s. The true beauty of blogging? You can do it anytime, anywhere… Whenever inspiration strikes.

Maximise the mundane…
If you’re reading this, chances are you’re the friend everyone turns to for fashion advice, or the sibling that transforms into a personal stylist the day of a family event. Treat these opportunities as a chance to hone your styling skills, explore colour and proportion, and how clothes can be used to flatter and express feeling. While this isn’t necessarily one for the CV (unless you start your own styling side hustle, of course), it allows you to organically practise ideas and techniques you’re learning through your studies, without the pressure of time constraints or working to someone else’s brief. The best bit? When you finally land of that coveted styling internship, you’ll be ready.


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