'No-Biggie' Office Habits to Break Now

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    'No-Biggie' Office Habits to Break Now

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While you may be a superstar garment steamer or a pro at processing returns, there are a few habits that universally attract the wrong kind of attention at the office. Ahead, some of the seemingly innocuous habits that can hamper your chances of converting an internship to a paid role.

Checking your phone… A LOT
While most offices are reasonable when it comes to personal phone use throughout the day - responding to a text at your desk, or stepping out to take a quick call - having your phone glued to your hand isn’t a good look. Unless being on social media is a specific component of your role, there’s no need to check your device every time it dings. Itching for a sneaky scroll between tasks? Those add up, and the people around you will notice.

Not reading emails
We know, we know - when you’re only in the office two days a week and have a shared @intern account with the rest of the gang, it can be daunting to go back through every. single. email…But that 10-15 minutes in the morning will pay dividends when you’re asked about that shared project later in the day - being switched-on is a surefire way to impress (and a non-negotiable if you’re trying to build a professional network).

Poor timekeeping
While it goes without saying that running late once in a while happens to the best of us, it’s a different story entirely when you become known around the office as that intern. You know - the one who awkwardly side-steps in at 9.30, latte in hand; the one who regularly squeezes an extra 10 minutes into their lunch break; the one who’s routinely out the door as soon as 5.30 strikes…

A ‘Safety Net’ mindset
As an intern, you’ll be assisting individuals and teams with their daily tasks - tasks that influence workflow and have real-world consequences. While your reporting manager will oversee the work you’re doing and provide guidance where needed, you should perform each task to the best of your ability - work as if what you submit is what will go live. Clean, thorough work with minimal edits makes for a happy manager.


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