New Year's Resolutions from a Former Fashion Intern

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    New Year's Resolutions from a Former Fashion Intern


While personal and professional goals can be set any time of year, there’s something particularly inspiring about turning the page on a fresh calendar. Ahead, the retrospective New Years resolutions of a former fashion intern, and tips and tricks to incorporate them into your own 2018 to-do list.

Use your time wisely…
Unless you’re super-intern, you could probably do with a few extra hours in the day. Between juggling studying, interning, sleep and work, it can often feel like there’s not enough time to do everything that’s needed. Instead of waiting for a cloning device to be invented, take a closer look at your weekly schedule and pinpoint any patches where you can make better use of your time. Long commute? Knock out some uni work while you ride. Regularly awake in bed before your alarm goes off? Get up and squeeze in a quick sweat session. Once you find your groove, you’ll be amazed at how much you can get done.

Don’t become a fashion victim…
Being surrounded by fashionable, creative professionals can be an inspiring and motivational experience, but resist the urge to keep up with every passing trend and fad that floats through the office. While it’s easy to write off weekly clothing purchases, boutique fitness sessions or daily double-digit lunches as work expenses, all that spending quickly adds up and will wage war on your wallet in the long run. Work out what’s important to you and what can be done without, and stick to this budget as best you can.

Your body is a temple…
With a jam-packed schedule, it can be pretty tricky to keep your physical and mental health in top shape. Figure out how you can make small improvements to your routine and make better choices for your mind and body - this can be as simple as swapping your second coffee for a green tea, getting off the bus a stop early and walking to the office, or taking ten minutes for yourself each morning to collect your thoughts and prepare for the day ahead.

Keep an open mind…
It can be easy (and oh so satisfying) to mentally map out your career path down to the very last detail, but don’t back yourself into a corner. Having goals and stepping stones is a great way to get some direction early on, but remain open to opportunities that may present themselves in your periphery - you never know when circumstances will change, and your dream job in 12 months’ time could be very different to what you’re chasing now. Say yes to anything and everything that comes your way… You never know where it might lead you.

Network now…
Just like death, taxes and micro-bloggers slinging detox tea, professional networking is unavoidable. If you’re a confident networker, then kudos! It’s a soft skill you’ll use throughout your career, and can take you places a CV or cold-calling alone cannot. However, if the thought of networking is less than thrilling, fear not - take small steps each day to build good relationships with your peers and supervisors, with an approach that feels natural to you as a person. Those shared lunch breaks and hours spent with a garment steamer in hand can lay the foundations for professional connections that can last long after your internship is over.


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