My Top 5 Must-Have Pieces From Alexa Chung's Fall 19' Collection

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    My Top 5 Must-Have Pieces From Alexa Chung's Fall 19' Collection


Alexa Chung's Fall 19' Collection graced the runway earlier this year, and regardless of how much time passes, I can never get over it. Effortlessly cool, unbelievably stylish and quintessentially British, Alexa knows how to formulate an outfit for the ages. Here are my top 5 must-have items that debuted on the ALEXACHUNG runway this year.

Patchwork-Effect Wool Knit Sweater

A cosy, winter knitted sweater made by grandma, but make it *fashion*. This is such a versatile piece and looks so comfortable for fall and winter. You could pair this with blue jeans and white sneakers, or dress it up with black pants, and glossy black boots.

Daisy Sequin-Embellished Tulle Slip Dress

Florals, but for fall? Step back Miranda Priestley, because this actually is groundbreaking. This looks amazing styled with a turtleneck underneath, dark jewel tones and moody accessories.

Belted Herringbone-Trimmed Faux Fur Coat

Comfort is the top priority for me personally this fall/winter season, but I simply cannot compromise on style. This incredible coat is British style with a très Parisienne touch, and I can just imagine the svelte women of Paris walking the street with black skinny jeans, leather boots, oversized Chanel sunglasses, and dishevelled hair.

Speckled Cotton Pencil Skirt

Have you EVER seen a skirt like this? Navy has been done before but this is so elevated with the bizarrely attractive cut. It's the lovechild of a pinafore dress, overalls and a pencil skirt and adds such a high fashion touch to an otherwise classic and simple style.

Scattered Tulips Single-Breasted Satin Blazer & Satin Flared Pants

Ever since I first saw Suddenly 30 (13 Going on 30 for you folks in the US), I was impacted by how much I loved her outfit when she fell out of bed and went straight to work in her silk nightgown. Pyjamas for daytime is definitely a bandwagon I can get on board with. I particularly love how it was styled on the runway, contrasting a soft and delicate pattern on silk with the harshness of a crinkled vinyl coated jacket.

All of these items were found on Moda Operandi, however, you might night to do some sleuthing to find some that are not sold out. May the odds be ever in your favour!


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