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As Christmas and the festive season draws near we can let our emotional behaviours and thoughts get the better of us especially during busy times and times of festivity when we may be missing loved ones or have a sense of loneliness, or just absolute chaos rushing to get everything done and in order.

Mindfulness has become a fashionable term used for a combination of mental and physical practices enabling us to cope with everyday stress, anxiety and helping us to reach a happier and more fulfilling life.

Mindfulness has only recently been brought into Western psychology, however it is a very ancient Eastern practice used by Buddhism and Taoism for many centuries. Mindfulness is learning how to wake up and connect within our self and how to identify and enhance our psychological and emotional behaviours, how to control our mind and thought process, which in return will enable us to cope and be more resilient to things that may stress or create anxiety in our everyday lives.

Mindfulness will help you to become more connected to yourself and thought process, teach you self-awareness, be less reactive to things that upset you, learn how to take self-control, deal with change and become more at peace within yourself and your mind process.

How to practice Mindfulness

The first step to mindfulness is learning how to breathe through deep and slow breaths. Be aware of your breaths when inhaling and exhaling and notice how your body relaxes and your mind turns off during this process. Learning how to breathe properly during stressful and anxious times reduces the minds power to take control over our thoughts and emotions. Meditation, daily exercise, yoga, good diet and music also help with mindfulness. Download a mindfulness app on your phone, practice your breathing techniques for 5 minutes a day or more if required and take back control.



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