Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weekend Edition - Style Collective

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    Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weekend Edition - Style Collective

Source: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weekend Edition

The Style Collective Runway show for Mercedes-Benz Weekend Edition bought together a selection of designs that were seen over the industry week for Resort MBFWA 2018 into one runway presentation. Guests were invited to view the cream de la crème from Australia’s finest designers at the weekend edition.  Here is a synposis of the designs that stood out at the 7pm Style Collective show.

Image: Sagismakeup

Anna Quan

Known for her signature elongated cuffs this year Anna Quan revealed her talent for sheer versatility through her collection which was inspired by a book called Guide des Champignons she found in an antique store in Paris.  The book was about mushrooms as she appreciated the old drawings and watercolour sketches, this gave her a starting point for her collection as some of the shirts specifically had mushroom pleating.  Shirts came wrapped, collared, and sitting on one shoulder.  The shirt dresses had side openings which could easily be worn into the evening.


His pieces were clean, sporty and uber edgy with traditional prints, embellished fabrics and contemporary designs. This included the loose shirts layered over pants to enable freedom of movement for the wearer.  

Dion Lee

The industry is abuzz with the introduction of menswear for Dion Lee since it was revealed at his show at the Opera House for his opening show. The long blue coat make a second appearance with the matching thongs a true blue nod to all that Australian. The collection overall a return to Australian fashion with thongs, Akubra hats and R.M. William boots.

Gary Bigeni

Gary Bigeni bought glamour to his resort pieces that could be easily worn from Bali to the Maldives. Silks and satins draped and worn in relaxed styles.  Bright blue pops of colour in oversized polka dots that gave a relaxed holiday feel to pants and wide tops. 

Surrounded by Ghosts

Not having seen this label on the MBFWA schedule I was pleased to see pieces from SBG’s ‘Elevated’ range implementation of new design details and higher-end silhouettes within the street wear genre.  The creators of ‘Surrounded by Ghosts’ are Annabella Barber, Josh Fallshaw, Kolby Johnston and Morgan McLean.


Having only seen the media coverage of this beautiful show, I was thrilled to see some pieces such as the vintage French colonial dresses in fun patterns, sky-blues and pussy bows.  Macgraw’s pieces expressed fun and youthfulness. 

Sarah Hope Schofield

The hand cut hand sewn embellishments on her gowns held out the front by the wearer and the panels that sit across your chest is signature of Sarah Hope Schofield who was part of NextGen for MBFWA this year.  Couture with practicality without losing the glamour.  

Steven Khalil

In a fashion league of his own I felt privileged to see one of his pieces a sheer gown of lemon with  beautiful wine chiffon intertwisted with an oversized bow and the jewel encrusted ruffle silver sheath dress that shimmied down the walkway. 

Images: Tereza Berkemeier


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