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    MBFWA17: Volunteer Vox Pop

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Each season, MBFWA wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of our amazing Miro Door volunteers. Between steaming, dressing and gift bag prepping, we asked some of our volunteers to share their favourite experiences from the week…

“I love the off-site location at Bec & Bridge - I was able to work front of house, and it was fun...”
Jana, 22.

“Working front of house was a really fun experience...”
Pamela, 21

Image: @jamesjoel

“My favourite thing would definitely be working front of house at the Alice McCall show...”
Emma, 19.

"My favourite thing was working the Sass & Bide show and getting to check everyone in, and getting to actually stand and watch the show...”
Charlene, 20.

“I enjoying working front of house at all the shows...”
Natasha, 20.

Image: @2ezyphotos

“My favourite thing I’ve learned was getting to dress the models, and seeing how the runway show works out..."
Dashaka, 21.

“My favourite part is getting to assist in the shows, getting to see what goes on behind the scenes, and that rush when you see the final product...”
Nicolette, 21.

Image: @mirodoor

“My favourite thing has definitely been doing front of house, being able to see how an event is put together - in terms of everything from seating, gift bags and seeing how it comes together from a guest’s point of view...”
Emma, 18.

“My favourite thing I’ve done this week is front of house because I’ve gotten to speak to industry professionals and bloggers that I never thought I would be able to...”
Ellie, 20.

Image: @jamesjoel

“I’ve definitely enjoyed doing back of house, because I want to be a stylist. I really enjoyed working with the designers and getting hands-on experience with how things are put together prior to a show..."
Jennifer, 22.

“Working backstage for VMajor was a highlight...”
Lauren, 22.

“Assisting backstage for Romance Was Born was an amazing experience...”
Perri, 18.

“Getting to assist backstage for Hansen & Gretel was really cool...”
Tamika, 18.

Image: @mirodoor

“My favourite thing has been just being a part of the whole event, being able to have a backstage pass, being able to experience dressing back of house and working front of house. Being able to see everyone in the industry, all of the garments and how shows are put together and seeing the designer’s vision come to life...”
Amelia, 19.

“Being able to be around different designers and models, and seeing how everything is run...”
Feracia, 19.

Image: @mirodoor

“I’ve learned that you always need to be proactive, and try to do as many things as possible - if someone needs you to do something quickly, don’t hesitate - you’ll get to experience new things all the time..."
Elizabeth, 19.

A massive thanks goes out to all our volunteers, whose dedication, commitment and enthusiasm makes the event possible. Don't forget to check out the Miro Door jobs page for more ways to get involved in some of the fashion industry's biggest events.


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