MBFWA: Volunteer Vox Pops II

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    MBFWA: Volunteer Vox Pops II

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With MBFWA done and dusted for another year, we caught up with some of Miro Door's amazing volunteers to recap their favourite Fashion Week experiences...

The most exciting thing was being able to learn about the production and the Front of House aspect of Fashion Week and, of course, seeing all the new collections as they come through.
- Shoshana 

I really enjoyed working the offsite shifts, where we got to experience shows held in new venues.
- Francesca

My favourite thing this week was working on the CAMILLA AND MARC show, getting to help the models change. It was really cool to see how it all comes together backstage.
- Charlotte

I really enjoyed working on the JETS swimwear show this season.
- Janine

What I’ve enjoyed most is just seeing how much goes on behind the scenes, and all the people that you wouldn’t necessarily think of that are actually involved in making the biggest shows happen.
- Christina

The best part has been meeting new people, and watching firsthand how fashion shows are produced.
- Daniella

I had a really good morning working Back of House for Lee Mathews and getting to see the new collection was really inspiring.
- Emily

What was really great about coming to Fashion Week was learning about how much detail and time goes into making each show and getting everyone on the runway.
- Gabby

I found it really enjoyable to be able to watch the production come together as a whole - you really get to see how much time and effort goes into producing the week.
- Lisa

I really wanted to do MBFWA for the experience, and to meet new people. I really enjoyed working with the models and seeing what it’s like behind the fashion shows.
- Grace

This is my first time volunteering, and I did the Lee Mathews show which I really enjoyed. I enjoyed that you get to mingle and meet people backstage, and really grasp all the effort that goes into the making of a fashion show.
- Phoebe

My favourite experience was working as a model dresser Back of House for alice McCALL.
- Shaunie

I really loved seeing how much effort goes into the shows before AND after the actual production, because there’s a lot more that goes on that people don’t know about.
- Meg


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