MBFWA: Tips From Someone Who's Been There, Steamed That

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    MBFWA: Tips From Someone Who's Been There, Steamed That

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Ask anyone who’s volunteered at a major event, and we guarantee there’s at least one slice of sage wisdom they wish they could travel back in time and tell themselves. Ahead, some of the lessons one writer - and former MBFWA volunteer - learned the hard way, so that you don’t have to…

The Ensemble
Take a deep breath, and repeat after me: I am not on the runway. While it’s all too easy to get swept up in the atmosphere and put together the chicest outfit a black tee will allow, resist! It’s important to present yourself well, but you’ll need to be able to squat, crouch, steam, stretch and schlep equipment around without the constant fear of ruining your favourite flares. Opt for bottoms you feel comfortable in, can move freely in and aren’t too precious about in the event of a fashion misfire - nobody else should have to suffer their ride-or-die leather pants coming off second-best to some scaffolding.

The Diet
The first thing I did in my MBFWA downtime? Ordered another double shot latte. Repeat three times a day, five days in a row, and time started to feel like it was moving in reverse. Throw early starts, late nights and irregular eating hours into the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for diet that’s anything but balanced. Make it a priority to eat something filling before your shift, stay hydrated throughout and don’t skip dinner before falling into bed - tomorrow-you will thank you for it.

The Power of “Yes”
While saying ‘yes’ to requests is kind of essential to the whole volunteer thing, don’t be afraid to embrace curveball opportunities when they arise. If your manager suddenly asks for extra volunteers, put yourself front and centre - it could be anything from last-minute garment alterations to assisting special guests pre-show. If you don’t stick up your hand, you’ll never know…

The Shoes
Even if you choose to forgo the first piece of advice (hey, you do you), just know that a comfortable pair of shoes are the only thing that matters this week. Take it from someone who attempted six hours Front of House in a pair of boots she hadn’t yet broken in.


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