MBFWA Day 2: No pants, no bra, no problem

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    MBFWA Day 2: No pants, no bra, no problem

Source: Image via @chicbloggermanagement

2017 is my fourth year volunteering with Mirodoor. The first two years I was a volunteer front and back of house, and last year I helped out with social media. 

Team Mirodoor 2017

The day started with Alice McCall and OMG the pieces were stunning! It seems like pants are optional in the fashion world, sheer is in and bras are non-existent.

Among the star-studded crowd were bloggers and influencers such as Margaret Zhang, Zanita, Kate Waterhouse, Mimi Elashiry and Nadia Fairfax.

The elegant and stylish dresses and coats from Bianca Spender had me obsessing over the colour pink.

Photo taken by @jamesjoel for Mirodoor

And Steven Khalil WOW! The square shape runway was decked out in chandeliers and amazing flowers down the stairwell where the models emerged. The gowns were breathtaking, covered in sequins and sparkles.  

Zhivago brought with it an edgy vibe and a hint of sass from its models wearing velvet and daring designs.

Starting at 10 am in the morning and finishing at 8 pm, the days at fashion week are pretty full on. Usually, you have to miss a show to get some food, which I did thanks to the pub down the road :)

Excited to do it all again for day 3!


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