Mastering the Art of Summer Office Styling

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    Mastering the Art of Summer Office Styling

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While there’s a seemingly endless list of office dress codes across industries and generations, there’s one thing we can all agree on - getting dressed for work when the weather’s scorching outside is no-one’s idea of fun. Ahead, we look at some effortless ways to summer-proof your working wardrobe, keeping you one step ahead of the sartorial game without breaking a sweat.

Linen Love
Take stock of your wardrobe staples - a white button-down, a shift dress, an A-line midi - and start shopping for them in linen. Whether dyed or left natural, linen pieces make a perennial addition to any summer rotation, and offer a breathable fit and feel that will leave you wondering how you ever lived without.

Sleeveless Chic
It’s a no-brainer for a reason - the quickest way to aerate is by going sans sleeves. While most workplaces give the green light to this particular silhouette, bear in mind this isn’t an open invitation to bust out your off-the-shoulder tops and slinky camisoles. A crisp sleeveless button-down or lightweight trench is the perfect symbiosis of polished and practical when the temperature soars.

Kick Back, Relax
And by this, we don’t mean roll out of bed at 10am and show up in your pyjamas (no matter how tempting). Opt for relaxed silhouettes that promote freedom of movement, airflow and a general sense of cool-girl effortlessness. Wardrobe heroes like wide-leg culottes, boxy short-sleeved tops and structural shifts are all designed to sit away from the body, allowing your skin to breathe while remaining on HR’s good side.

Slide City
Fight the urge to slip into your summer sandals, and pick up a pair of mules or slides with a wider vamp to keep your footwear both fashion-minded and functional. Cutaway boots and open-backed loafers are perfect if your work requires a closed toe - just be sure shelve your fur-lined favourites for next Fall.

Balmy Black
Chic? Check. Timeless? Check. Renders potential sweat patches invisible? Check, check, check. While it may feel a bit counterproductive to reach for black over summer-centric white, the shade remains as polished and all-purpose as it does during the cooler months, and has the added bonus of preventing any show-through when humidity does its thing.


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