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    March Q&A

Source: Leo Greenfield

We kick off March chatting with Leo Greenfield.  Leo is an artist with a passion for drawing.  His works concentrate on illustrating from memory the ever-changing space of street life and culture.  Hailing from Adelaide, Greenfield’s drawing practice has seen him gain invitations to International Fashion Weeks in Sydney, Paris and London.  He has collaborated with brands such as The Daily Edited, Brooks Brothers and Chanel.  His work has appeared in The Daily Telegraph UK, The Weekend Australian Magazine, WISH Magazine, Vogue and Harper’s BAZAAR.  You can see Leo’s work on his website or follow his Instagram @leo.greenfield

Q1: Who, what or where is so hot right now?

I am continually inspired by Christine Centenera, whether working as stylist, editor or designer, her work is powerful and fearless. I had the pleasure of creating drawings for Australian Vogue at the beginning of my career and it was such a joy to meet and work with her.

Q2:  Finish this sentence, ‘I am always ready to wear…’

A white tee shirt, it is simple but always elegant and easy.’

Q3: Bruises, blisters and bad haircuts – have you suffered for fashion? If so, state the injury.  Was it worth it?

Recently I have been suffering for my Balenciaga slides. They give me blisters, and it’s a real shame. These summer shoes weren’t even an impulse purchase, it was thought through and I save up for them, even paid on debt, but it has been a bit of a disaster. Thankfully they are slowly wearing in!

Q4: What is your favourite fashion moment on film?

Robert Altman’s 1994 film Prêt-à-Porter, is for me filled with extraordinary moments of fashion on film. I was particularly inspired by the way Jean Paul Gaultier’s collection was captured. The film inspired me to attend fashion week in Paris, something I started doing in 2011. I was thrilled to discover that real thing was even more impressive.

Q5: Do you remember the first time you felt fashionable?  How old were you?  What were you wearing?  

In the early 1990s, I think I was about 10 years old, I went to see a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. I wore low cut Doc Martins with yellow stitching (I think they were fake) but I felt very happy with them and rather trendy.

Q6: Name something that never goes out of style?

A white shirt for me is never out of style or out of place.

Q7: Have you ever committed a crime of fashion?  What was it?  Were you guilty or not guilty?

Lulu Lemon and other pieces of active wear, when I am not drawing, I am at Yoga, it’s a crime, but you can move and get your work down and get that much needed daily workout in.

Q8: What is the one thing that you never leave home without?

My notebook and pencil case!

Q9: “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat.”  Do you agree or disagree?

It is never a defeat if you feel like yourself and you wear something with attitude.

Q10: If you fashion fairy godmother could grant you one wish, what would it be?

A lifetime supply of custom white shirts from Charvet on the Place Vendome, Paris. 


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