MADE Sydney - Backstage

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    MADE Sydney - Backstage

Source: Tereza Berkemeier

MADE Sydney - Backstage

The atmospheric beats from the DJ set of Pelvis, greeted volunteers and teams including hair, makeup, stylists, PR representatives and photographers who were arriving backstage to be a part of the inaugural Australian, New York based MADE fashion event showcasing the luxe street Parisian brand Faith Connexion. Ascending the stairs to the roof of Bay 25 at Carriageworks each person caught an aerial glimpse of the hybrid fashion, skate, music and fashion show they had just become a part of.  The Event Group, Production Managers and Crew were already set up backstage as introductions were exchanged, water and food vouchers distributed as each discipline set about to get on with their tasks.   

The volunteer team were thoroughly briefed on their responsibilities, expectations, informed of key backstage people and Occupational Health and Safety for the venue. The team were then divided into back and front of house duties. 13 dressers were selected to assist the models.  There was only one look for each model however each one, such an individualistic art creation in itself that much care was required to dress them along with their accessories. The Miro Door team focused on their models being comfortable with not only helping them into their clothes but also keeping them hydrated and cool on a hot Sydney evening.  The team also embraced the MADE Mannequin challenge as everyone backstage in the midst of pre-show activity, on cue - went into a frozen state which was captured on video.  A few minutes later the atmosphere amped with anticipation as the models were called to line up and the opening song Odysseys ‘Going back to my Roots’ reverberated from downstairs as models started to descend the stairs for entry.


The Front of House hosts ushered the crowd to their ghost chairs that ran lengthways on either side of the Skateboard Runway.

Drawing closer to 6:30pm, the audience talk settled, the soundtrack from French DJ Doris covered the crowd and the media pit lit up as 13 year old Poppy Star Olsen artfully skated the handrail of the runway to open Faith Connexion’s first runway show.

As the show flowed, the finale was indicated when model Jacquelyn Jablonski flew her sarong like a butterfly along the audience as the models trooped from the stage.  The team farewelled backstage managers and friends they had made, then left into the summer night as quickly as they arrived, a step closer towards their dream, goals and experience within the fashion and event industry. 


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