Italian Designers bridge the gap between Fashion and Interior Design

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    Italian Designers bridge the gap between Fashion and Interior Design

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Today the concept of merging fashion and interior design has become closer with a huge influence coming from the fashion houses of Italy, they design manufacture luxury products from fashion to furniture, jewellery, perfumes and even dinner sets. People are now wanting a coherent look to their lifestyle from the way they dress, to the interior and furnishings of their home and even into what car they drive.

Designers such as Gianni Versace developed a multidisciplinary, incorporating fashion and design into all forms of art for one's taste and style. The way in which we present our self in our fashion choices is now carried into the home. 

Fendi another Italian designer who are also successful in creating both fashion and luxury modern furnishings. Fendi was established in 1925 by Edoardo and Adele Fendi and has now been passed on to the founder's five daughters who continue to develop this brand and incorporate fashion, home interior and accessories. 

Both interior and fashion designers practice the same principals when it comes to creating furnishings or designing a garment. Both designers balance proportion using materials to create a focal point using the latest in colours and trends.

Today I sat down with Tommaso Spinzi an Italian native from Lake Como and founder and designer at Spinzi Design to discuss this concept and uniqueness that he is now bringing both to Melbourne and Milan. Tommaso aim's to create an overall reflection for both his client through his passion and creativity of bespoke design. Spinzi specialises in unifying contemporary design principals with antique pieces and the same is applied to fashion choices using old with new and emerging trends. Typically bespoke furniture and fashion brings about perfection offering a personalised service that reflects you. 

Today Tommaso has collaborated with Melbourne bespoke luxury furniture brand Cocolea and The Spectre Collection, designers of made to measure suiting to bring a bespoke concept of this merging trend to show the reflection of one's lifestyle.

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