How To Shop Online Like A Pro

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    How To Shop Online Like A Pro


With online shopping more prevalent than ever, it’s becoming almost effortless to add those statement shoes or treasure-forever tote bag to cart. Ahead, the tips and tricks you need in your arsenal to perfect your online shopping game, and nix the need for returns and regret once and for all.

Know Your Size… Around the World
Having your size conversions on hand will go a long way in taking out the guesswork when shopping on international sites. Take the time to check the specific sizing of the item you’re hoping to order, and do a little research to ensure the most accurate fit.

Location, Location, Location
There’s nothing worse than getting caught at the checkout with a surprise currency conversion… Save yourself the heartache (and potential hundreds), and check the site’s location settings before making a purchase. While some browsers will alert you to sites hosted overseas, others can slip through - check to see if the currency has automatically been converted to reflect your region, or whether you’ll have to do a mental conversion beforehand.

Model Citizens
While beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, most sites shoot their product on sample size models with legs for day. Compare the garment’s length on the model to your own height to get a better understanding of how the piece will sit on you. One shopper’s mini skirt is another shopper’s knee-length, and being realistic about the body type presented on screen will help eliminate any nasty surprises when your package arrives.

Comb the T&Cs
Before you punch in your credit card details, take some time to check out your rights and responsibilities as a customer. Get familiar with the site’s returns/exchanges policy, how to contact them if an issue arises, and any members’ perks you may currently be missing out on.

Focus on Fabrics
eCommerce photographers know how to shoot a product to make it look its very best - the trick is knowing how certain fabrics will stand up when out of the studio and onto the street. If the site you’re browsing has a zoom function, get a closer look at the sheerness of the fabric, how it drapes and how it looks when the model is stationary. Clever lighting and movement can conceal cheaper fabrics and enhance the look of prints and hues - try searching the product on social media or fashion blogs to see how it looks in the real world before you buy.


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