How to look gorgeous in men pants : who say boyish girl cannot be attractive ?

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    How to look gorgeous in men pants: who say boyish girl cannot be attractive ?

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I have a really boyish and petite female friend who one day came to class wiht a baggy, yellow-brown man pants. Maybe you have heard about boyfriend jeans which design for female and aiming to make a boyish comfy style, but my friend just literally wore the men pants and surprisingly look good and inspirited me this idea. Unisexual fashion has always been promoted these years, but some of the girls might still want to look sexy, women and attractive even in unisexual clothes or men clothes. And I stand for that thinking because we are supposed to look different even wear the same pants or shirt as man due to the woman features. We want to wear the men clothes or baggy comfy clothes, but it doesn’t mean we want to look like a real hulk man right? So, here I got some tips and idea that to style my boyish friend in men pants but still look gorgeous! 

  1. Grabs your cute crop top and the classic white sneaker to make the whole outfit look cute and fresh. The necklace and a bit blush will defiantly increase the feminize on you. 

source: @fridrichqiu

  1. Flora blouse or sleeve used to make me feel too much girly feeling, but now I appreciate that because it gives my friend a really mature look. I love how it is tucked in the men pants which make it look less girly, and the contrast between girly and many things are really interesting. And the earth tone pants just suits wiht the flower elements top. With the boots, you will look like a cool capable woman. 

Source: @fridrichqiu

  1. The bright yellow tank top might look really cute if you with normal skirt and shorts, however, here we match it wiht this men pants which makes her look more soft and cool because of the colour tone. I think it is a good way to use the warm colour tone to make you look tender and women, also, the bow-designed ties on the shoulders and the necklaces are the highlight as well. Without wearing a V-neck or exposed clothes, your cute, women side could be presented via those details.
Source: @fridrichqiu
Finally, if you believe you are gorgeous and follow the style that you are comfortable with, then you don't even need to be super model body shape or extra dress up but still look unique and chic! Cheers!


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