Here's how chic girls wearing boots in summer!

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    Here's how chic girls wearing boots in summer!

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Let’s face it—we just can’t get enough of the boot trend (and yes, it’s still a thing). You may have put the rest of our fall and winter boots into storage for the summer, but this style is one you’ll want to keep out and well within reach. Don’t get us wrong, we love wearing our favorite sandals (and showing off a newly minted pedicure) when the temperatures rise, but there’s something so refreshing about outfits with boots for the summer.

Black based boots

Throw on some black booties with a cool pattenr dress to make the outfit look interesting and light.

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Grab your shiny sporty booties in lieu of your go-to kicks the next time you're rocking a super sporty get-up. A little bit of polish goes a long way.


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The only thing better than a vintage cropped tee and slouchy jeans is a vintage cropped tee, slouchy jeans, and Doc Martens. This classic combo has never failed us before.

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White based boots

White booties hits these seasons that if you are just new to jump out of the black frame, white boots would be your best friend. 

Styling the white boots with some light color, floral o$r complicated pattern dress will give your summer boots outfit a fresh look. 

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Leopard print booties

Leopard print goes virus in the world now, and I have always think this looks good on Australia girls because it always comes in to wild, natural and bold. 

The nude , camel or black skirt will be good and safe while styling leopard because the color is quite match. 

I think there’s mo specific right way to style leopard boots because it is a really creative and various element in our outfit. However, the Moet important point is that don’t wear something too tight or fit while wearing the leopard ankle boots ( or even heels). A bit more casual ( like boyfriend jeans or elegant sleeve) will make you more chic instead of cheap.


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