What Happened When I Unplugged For a Month Health

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What Happened When I Unplugged For a Month

Open. Scroll. Switch app. Scroll. Switch back. Scroll down. Scroll up. Close apps. Stare out the train window and pretend to practise mindfulness. Fail miserably. Open. Scroll… Sound familiar? If you’re anything like me, you flit from app to app all day long with no real rhyme or reason. But over the holiday season, this self-confessed Instazombie unplugged for the first time in a long time. And, let me tell you, I learned A LOT.
Spring Clean Your Study Space Health


Spring Clean Your Study Space

A surefire way to boost productivity and positivity around your work? An organised, engaging space! Whether you’re in high school, juggling college courses or working from home, the right workspace can make a world of difference to how you approach and (gasp!) enjoy hitting the books. Ahead, some of our favourite tried-and-tested methods to making your space work for you.
Models of Diversity Health


Models of Diversity

In September 2015, Eyers became the first amputee model to walk the runway for New York Fashion Week as he was personally chosen by designer Antonio Urzi.

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