Gift Ideas for Every Kind of Intern

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    Gift Ideas for Every Kind of Intern


With gifting season fast approaching, there’s no better time to scout thoughtful, stylish trinkets and tokens to share with your interning BFF, sibling, office Secret Santa or even yourself! Ahead, some of our favourite gift ideas to suit every kind of intern - from girl (or guy) on the go to new graduate.

The Coffee Addict

We all know one… The intern who is always with latte, but never late. You’re not quite sure if they run on oxygen or caffeine, but whatever it is, they’re getting it done. Fuel their espresso obsession with a coffee-centric gift that lasts longer than their morning hit. Think a chic eco-friendly cup they’ll use again and again, or a prepaid voucher to their favourite cafe.

The One Who’s Always Asking for a Charger

Whether they’re churning through the hottest podcasts on the commute or scrolling their socials every lunch break, this intern’s battery life is always in the red. Give them the gift of a little extra juice with a self-charging phone case, a sleek portable charger or the holy grail - a chic clutch that has its own charger built right inside.

The Super Scheduler 

You don’t know how they do it, but this intern is a master juggler. Between studying, working, interning and a social life, they never seem to miss a beat. Their secret? A kickass calendar. Whether digital or physical, this intern knows the power of a calendar they can stash in their pocket. Choose a sleek stationery set they’ll use well into the new year.

The Beauty Junkie

Give the gift of indulgence with some luxe sheet masks or decadent lotion, and let this intern really unwind over the holiday break. No holiday break in sight? A voucher for a manicure or mini spa session will be a welcome addition to their silly season schedule.

The Fashionista

Most - if not, all - interns appreciate a style-savvy gift, but your resident fashionista will take a stylish gift and make it all her own. A patterned silk scarf, quirky-cool socks or pair of statement shades can be incorporated into any intern’s accessories rotation, and will add a pop of fun to even the most pared-back of ensembles.

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