Five Things To Know Before Your First MBFWA Shift

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    Five Things To Know Before Your First MBFWA Shift

Source: James Seneviratne

With MBFWA just around the corner (three sleeps - but who's counting?), event volunteers will be gearing up for one their busiest weeks of the year. Ahead, five pearls of wisdom one former volunteer learned the hard way - so you don't have to!

Wear comfortable shoes...
... And no, this is not the obvious 'Don't wear heels' rant (but seriously, don't). From the start of your shift til the end of your shift, you WILL be on your feet - choose a pair of comfortable flat shoes that you've already broken in, and avoid the blistering pain of a pair of perforated leather sneakers you bought the day before (guilty!).

Prep your meals...
... You won't realise how hungry/thirsty/hangry you are until you stop moving, so make sure you've got filling, energy-fuelling snacks at the ready. Cash set aside for a proper meal (and not a fifth espresso) is also a good idea - your stomach will thank you later.

Take care of yourself...
... Avoiding the end-of-week crash and burn is real. Track your shifts on a calendar or in your phone, and plan your week around your schedule to ensure you have enough time to rest and recharge each day. Getting the right amount of shut-eye and taking time out to mentally unwind will make a world of difference to your wellbeing this week.

Dress accordingly...
... Black event t-shirt you'll hang onto forever? Check. When it comes to the rest of your outfit, function and comfort are key. On any given day, you will be bending, squatting, assembling, moving, steaming, taping shoes, lifting and wondering why the heck you chose to wear skin-tight leather pants you can't sit in (again, guilty). Save the high-concept pieces for the catwalk, and choose clothes you can actually move in.

Take it all in...
... It's easy to get swept up in the sheer madness of the schedule, but take some time to step back and appreciate where you're at. This writer's 'pinch me' moment? Standing front row at Ellery with the angelic Gemma Ward closing the show. It's one of the most valuable experiences you'll have as a young person in the fashion industry, so make sure to enjoy every minute!


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