Five Pieces That Should Never Make It To Your Internship

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    Five Pieces That Should Never Make It To Your Internship


While office dress codes for the fashion and creative industries are some of the most liberal around, there are still a handful of wardrobe items that should never make it into your 9-to-5 rotation. Ahead, we round up the five pieces to pass on, and some strategic alternatives to wear in their place.

Sneakers you actually wear to the gym...
There’s no denying that sneakers have achieved staple status over the past few seasons, and sneaking into the office was a natural step. However, trainers that you actually sweat it out in are less than ideal - opt for a box-fresh pair in luxe leather or high-fashion finishes, and save the performance shoes for hitting the pavement.

Anything stained, discoloured or unintentionally faded...
While fading, whiskering and ironic paint splatters popped up on our perennial wardrobe pieces this season, you should still exercise a discerning eye when choosing distressed items for the office. Anything stained, dull or discoloured should either be taken to the dry cleaner’s or bid adieu to, lest coworkers think you actually just forgot to do laundry.

Anything with pilling or stubborn lint...
Taking care of your clothes shows attention to detail, proactivity and a healthy level of pride - all traits associated with professionalism. Cast a careful eye over items like knitwear, coats and anything that collects dust while in storage - maintaining the appearance of your pieces ensures your outfits look pulled-together and polished, no matter how inexpensive.

Tights that are definitely not pants...
Athleisure isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and there are certain pieces that can easily be incorporated into an office look - think a sleek, sports-inspired bomber or silk jogger pant. One item doesn’t make the cut? Sports tights. While they’re having a major street-style moment (thanks, Gigi and Kendall), sports tights and leggings are best left to after-hours classes and Saturday morning errands.

Anything that leaves nothing to the imagination...
With the lines between work and weekend becoming blurrier by the minute, it can be easy to forget that some dress code tenets just aren’t going to budge. Anything super low-cut, super-short or super-sheer will still get serious side-eye from your supervisor, no matter how relaxed your office is. Strategic layering is your friend here - pairing a playful mini with statement pants underneath or a slinky camisole under a sheer shirt helps you maximise your pieces without getting a call from HR.


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