Five Instagram Gals To Follow For Body Positive Outfit Inspiration This Summer

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    Five Instagram Gals To Follow For Body Positive Outfit Inspiration This Summer

Source: Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

There's no doubt that in 2018, Instagram is the one-stop-shop for fashion inspiration. It's where brands, designers, magazines and blogs converge and build their followings. It's where trends are launched under hashtags like #streetstyle and #ootd. And, sadly, it's where body confidence can become a little rocky, especially in the summer months when warmer weather means more skin on show. A casual scroll through the 'gram before bed can potentially cause insecurities to spiral out of control as we become bombarded with the highlight reel of other peoples' lives, including retouched images that promote unattainable 'perfection'.  If your current feed is encouraging nothing but comparison and negative thoughts about yourself when you're just looking for a 40-degree-day outfit idea FOR SAUCONY'S SAKE, why not check out the profiles of the following five ladies? These lasses not only flaunt their killer bods in drool-worthy fashion, but they are committed to encouraging other women to feel like total bad asses too. For them, fashion blogging doesn't involve shaming any type of body or insisting you can only be considered or feel beautiful if you look a certain way; it's simply about loving who you are right now and wearing clothes to show that!

1. Loren @agape_loren

As well as being a model, Loren is a self love coach and speaker whose motivational captions and quotes will leave you feeling #empowered. But be warned: your online shopping cart will likely be chockablock full of swimwear after scrolling through Loren's account - this girl really does have the BEST bikini collection.  

2. Laura Wells @iamlaurawells)

Environmental scientist Laura Wells is another must-follow if you're after a little swimwear inspo, though she's also a fave amongst those looking to add more sustainable fashion to their wardrobes. Follow for selfies with turtles,  snaps of Laura surfing, hiking and working out in her native 'Straya, and a sticky beak at the eco-friendly curvy line she designed for Koru Swimwear. 

3. Stace McGregs @stace_mcgregs

You'll be hard pushed to find a happier place on the internet than Stace McGregs' Instagram account. This Aussie gal is all about body love and acceptance; she proudly states that her core values are 'kindness, joy and baked goods' and, after overcoming eating and exercise disorders, is on a mission to share her story to inspire others to feel confident in their own skin. Stace posts under the hashtag #fashioninfullcolour for obvious reasons (her grid is an rainbow explosion) to share outfits that will leave you with a smile as wide as her own. 

4. Gabi Gregg @gabifresh

Gabi truly does it all. She's a blogger, model, former InStyle contributor, co-founder of the plus-size brand PREMME, and has collaborated with brands to create lingerie and swimwear collections. Her maximalist style screams fun and comes with a side of unapologetic confidence - Gabi is never afraid to speak her mind on the big issues. Can we be her already?

5. Jëssica Vandër Lëahy @jessicavanderleahy

Jessica Vander Leahy is the news editor at Whimn and the founder of @projectwomankind, a kick-ass account 'dedicated to celebrating women' through interviews, advocacy, fashion, beauty and art. Wearing a host of colourful, classic pieces, Jessica constantly lifts up women and, tbh, that's the kind of 'gram we're here for. 


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