Ella Bache - the history behind the brand

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    Ella Bache - the history behind the brand

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In Paris during the 1930’s lived a pharmacist, Ella Bache known to be a quiet and private person who enjoyed creating lotions and potions for skincare and beauty. She began with a few handmade formulations using extracts from fruit, tomato and algae to solve certain skin problems. Having watched young girls in Hungary apply sliced tomatoes to their cheeks and foreheads Ella Bache learnt that the tomato extract purified their skin and gave them a healthy glow. From this she created a formula called Alpha Hydroxy acid.  This has been a successful formula within Ella Bache products and has inspired countless other brands to include Alpha Hydroxy acid within their cosmetic products today. Madame Ella Bache subsequently became one of the world’s pioneers in skincare.  The Philosophy for Ella Bache is ‘no 2 skins are alike’.  Age, diet, stress, environmental influences and seasonal changes all affect the skin.  

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In 1954, the products were bought to Australia by Edith Hallas, cousin of Madame Ella Bache and her husband George.  Today their son John is an owner of the company and their daughter Pippa Hallas is the CEO.  Ella Bache is one of the oldest skincare companies in the world.   

John Hallas pioneered Australian research and development by launching a sun care category, the first product Sportsbloc which was tested on the lifesavers at Whale Beach NSW. This laid the foundations of the Ella Baché Australian brand ethos – Aussie beach   lifestyle. 

John implemented the creation of Ella Baché’s Great Suncare and Tanning range and is still one of the only skincare companies in Australia that dedicates a team of researchers to creating products for the Australian skin condition. John was also instrumental in developing Australia’s first skincare franchise model with a unique beauty salon franchise system Australia had never seen.

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Pippa Hallas is a mother of two and started within the family business as Head of Marketing having previously worked in advertising both here, London and Paris after finishing university.  Ella Bache is a family business and Pippa is a third generation descendent of Madame Ella Bache.  As the CEO for Ella Bache, Hallas oversees the manufacturing of the products here in Australia, helps run a premium beauty college and oversees 180 franchise stores and also the brand's partnership with David Jones.  She also oversees the expanding online business. 

In terms of the future, Ella Bache's College of Skin and Beauty Therapy have introduced courses in Intense Pulse Light therapy (IPL) and Laser hair reduction.  IPL is a technology used by cosmetic and medical practitioners, it helps with hair removal, treatment of skin pigmentation, sun damage and thread veins. The college and head office of Ella Bache in Sydney house state of the art IPL and Laser Hair Reduction machines and are trialling more models for use, function and safety.  

Ella Baché’s mission is to “inspire you to be the best that you can be” the brand has withstood the test of time in a highly competitive market and continues to be a unique Australian story with French origins.

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