Dolce and Gabbana: Holy Devotion

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    Dolce and Gabbana: Holy Devotion

Source: Daily Mail

Dolce & Gabbana proved they are committed to putting on a show, when guests of their Fall/Winter Fashion Devotion 2018 runway show arrived and were made to wait before the show was allowed to commence.  The organisers wanted to ensure that guests had Wi-Fi turned off during their runway show. This mysterious request enhanced suspense as guests discussed amongst themselves how a show in this day and age, reliant on internet reach ask guests to turn Wi-Fi off?  Surely this was self-sabotage. Basilica music played as announcements in both English and Italian notified the waiting that the show would be delayed until they were all compliant.

Source Image: Elle

When the organisers were finally convinced, the peal of church bells rung, the red doors of heaven flew open to Kendrick Lamar’s ‘All Stars’ and a collection of bags flew down the runway in procession like angels attached to drones.  The audience were delighted and the instantaneous mass marketing commenced. This technological part of the show being controlled by people who were walking around the runway in lab coats.

The lab technicians were then replaced by real models showcasing the Dolce and Gabanna Fall Collection.   There was an assembly of what seemed like Saints and Sinners, Devotees and the Disgraced, all bought together under a theme church of fashion created by Dolce & Gabbana’s designers.  There were red carpet gowns, statement coats, oversized asymmetrical t-shirts, priest’s collars and cherub embellishments.   There was one item that didn’t seem to be in theme and that was the full length sleeveless parka suit with a zebra head as a hood.

Image Source: The Guardian

Dolce and Gabanna combined technology and design and they have either sacrificed to gimmick tricks of a modern age to target their millennial demographic or have created a concept to be rivalled.  The jury is out.  What did you think?


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