Designer Interview: Isabelle Quinn on VAMFF and her new collection

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    Designer Interview: Isabelle Quinn on VAMFF and her new collection

Source: supplied by Isabelle Quinn

Just two years ago at the age of 23 Isabelle Quinn started her business, the namesake label of the 25-year-old is perfectly imperfectly, just like the designer. You may recognise her name as she is loved by fashion it girls like Elle Ferguson, Sarah Ellen and Carmen Hamilton who embody the definition of the Isabelle Quinn girl. Last month she was a part of her second VAMFF. runway, showcasing her new collection GRETA. 

Isabelle’s AW18 GRETA Collection featured on the Who What Wear runway for VAMFF, embodies a Parisian coming of age story; the femme fatale that is moody, masculine and all the while elegant. A modern take on 1920's nostalgia, GRETA is monochromatic, androgynous and textural, it is for the femme with an uncompromising attitude. Isabelle is constantly influenced by the independent, beautiful yet unassuming women around her.


This is your second year doing VAMFF, did you feel more confident and can you see a personal growth in the past year since your first VAMFF show?

“Yes 100%! I think this time I knew what I was going into and what to expect. I think the brand as a whole has grown so much in a year. I designed Greta AW18 knowing it would be going down a runway and wanted some striking pieces that would work really well.”

Being so young when starting your brand what do you do to stay balanced especially in times of chaos like in the lead up to VAMFF?

“I think it is important to stop and make sure the work doesn’t consume you. I exercise a lot which keeps my head clear and energised. I also make sure I make time for my partner and friends, and to have a little social life.  Although when it gets really chaotic I defiantly have to sacrifice my social life, then I use boxing and yoga to keep me sane.”

Having a strong definition of who the ‘Isabelle Quinn girl’ is, have you identified your voice as a label within the industry?

“I would like to say I have. The IQ girl is cool, relaxed and undone.”


What’s next for Isabelle Quinn?

“I’m really looking to expand my online presence and start producing more collections to keep up with the demand of my customers. We have had so much love for our sequin hand beaded pieces so we are going to be directing a lot of focus into designing more pieces like this. We are also looking to expand into the US market a lot more in the near feature and build up our stockists nationally and internationally.” | @isabellequinn_


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