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    CV Details to Ditch


With holiday internship season heating, there’s no better time to revisit and refresh your CV. Ahead, we look at a few outdated details that employers no longer expect to see on your CV, leaving you with more space to call out your career highlights and shine bright like a professional diamond…

A good CV should read like a professional profile of yourself - not a literal one. While a prospective employee’s age used to be commonplace on page one, these personal details are no longer relevant when hunting for jobs or internships. Consider all the career changes our generation is slated to make in our lifetime, or established professionals who’ve had to start from scratch in a new industry whether by choice or circumstances outside their control. If you’re qualified for the role, how many candles you’re blowing out shouldn’t bear impact.

Unless specifically requested by your interviewer, including your home address on your CV isn’t necessary. It’s generally assumed that if you’re applying for a particular role, then you’re able to travel to and from the location without it impeding your ability to show up on time.

Actors, presenters and models aside, there’s really no reason to include a photograph of yourself on your CV. Not only does it take up valuable real estate on the page, but your appearance shouldn’t influence your chances at landing an interview. A link to your website, online portfolio or LinkedIn page is the modern way to make an impression.

Irrelevant Experience
In today’s precarious and often fickle employment landscape, it’s not unusual for young professionals and students to rack up a seemingly random list of jobs, internships and experiences. But the more you work, the more considered you have to be about what previous experiences make the cut on your CV. When you’ve only got one or two pages to play with, choosing to include experiences relevant to your current applications is imperative. There’s no need for your prospective interviewer to know how many times you were barista of the month in lieu of more important information.

High School Highlights
While it can be daunting to stare at a blank CV when you’re fresh out of high school, don’t give into the temptation to pad out your page with every exam you ever #crushed. Be selective in the schooling information you include - a line or two about any extra-curricular activities or exceptional academic performance is fine, but going into detail about every subject, score and sporting win can be a little TMI. Look to your future, and think about your experiences and achievements that can be applied to your goals ahead. A willingness to learn, knowledge of the industry and genuine enthusiasm for the role will always win out over including irrelevant information to make your CV seem bigger.


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