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It’s definitely no secret - starting a new internship or job can be daunting AF. There’s important names to remember, protocol to navigate, dress codes to master and about a million other things in between. While confidence builds naturally over time (trust!), we look at a few tried-and-true ways you can speed up the process and cement yourself as a valuable, reliable and seamless part of the team. And honestly, who doesn’t want that?

Take a deep breath…

Remember, you are not the first intern to set foot in the building, and you certainly won’t be the last either. You know this, your new manager knows this, the pot plant at reception knows this. Internships and career milestones are learning experiences by nature, and your superiors will not expect you to be running the show on the first day. Take some time each morning to centre yourself, nurture that a positive attitude and prep yourself for the day ahead - a calm, focused intern is far more productive than one so flustered they can’t function properly. Takes practice, but so worth it.

Know the right people…

And not in the usual networking way (although that never hurts!) - learn the positions you’ll be working under, alongside and reporting to each day, and make extra effort to remember these names when you’re given the obligatory office tour. While no one expects you to recite a complete roll call straight away, knowing the names of the people you’ll be working closely with will help you feel more comfortable and settle faster into your team.

Do your homework…

All that company info you studied before your interview? Don’t forget it! Knowing the general background and direction of the business shows that a) you’re switched on, and b) you care about being there. You’ll feel more at ease discussing tasks and projects with superiors if you understand the overall mission of the business, and won’t be afraid to jump in with an idea when the time comes.

Show off your soft skills…

Soft skills are often left by the wayside when writing CVs, but they shouldn’t be. Skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, interpersonal communication, adaptability and teamwork are vital to the success of any role, however are particularly useful in entry level positions. Soft skills are learned via experience, and will continue to develop over the course of your career. Demonstrating these skills shows that, while you may not have memorised computer coding back-to-front, you’re a valuable addition to any team.

Stay committed…

Change can be tough, and the first few days of an internship or new job can leave you feeling pretty overwhelmed. Remember that you’re here to learn, grow and develop yourself as a young professional, and that these changes don’t happen overnight. Remain focused on your goals, look for opportunities to nurture your abilities and never be afraid of a challenge. Chances are that not too long ago, your manager was sitting exactly where you are now.

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