How To Get The Most Out Of Your Fashion Internship Career


How To Get The Most Out Of Your Fashion Internship

Have you just managed to get your foot in the door with an internship in the fashion industry? Here are some tips of how to get the most out of this amazing experience, and set yourself up for the future.
Behind the Door - Kristen Higgins Career

Source: Tereza Berkemeier

Behind the Door - Kristen Higgins

Behind the Door is a series that goes behind the scenes with Miro Door teams, exploring the many ways in which we help connect people with opportunities within the fashion and creative industries. For the start of 2019, we have the privilege of catching up with Kristen Higgins with a brief Q&A.
When Creative CV Tips Go Wrong Career


When Creative CV Tips Go Wrong

What? You mean all those tips and tricks for making my CV stand out are going to blow up in my face?… Well, not exactly. While it’s true that we need to work harder than ever to make our resumes stand out from the rest, there are some recommendations that call for a bit of restraint. Those recommendations? We’ve debunked them...
Office Party Etiquette 101 Career


Office Party Etiquette 101

With 11.5 months of work down, there’s only one thing (besides your inbox) left to conquer - the office Christmas party. If this year marks your initiation into this time-honoured tradition, fear not - the following tips have been tried, tested and approved for maximum win and minimum 'why on earth did I do that?’…

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