Behind the Scenes: HUB Manager - Chip Davie

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    Behind the Scenes: HUB Manager - Chip Davie

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Miro Door has the pleasure of catching up with key people working behind the scenes in the Fashion, Event and Entertainment industry.  As specialists and leaders in the field we gain insight into their roles and the steps they have taken to establish their career and further their skills.

Today we catch up with Chip Davie who shares an overview of his role as HUB Manager at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia.

Could you tell us what your specific role is when clients engage your services?

My specific role at premium fashion weeks including Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia is HUB Manager. I am responsible for looking after all sponsors of the event and ensuring all the sponsors activations/spaces or designated areas are built to meet all the requirements of the venue. For example, the Star Lounge for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia is where V.I.P's relax, work or network between shows. I am the point of contact for all the sponsors within this area. I also look after ticketing and registration for the week long event to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible.

Source:  sydneysocial  Chip Davie (right)

Could you tell us a bit about yourself on how you arrived at your current role to oversee productions and events? (studies, various jobs etc)

Having completed a sports science degree at University I quickly moved into the advertising world, but I soon realised that sitting in an office all day behind a desk wasn’t for me.  I then tried various roles in a range of fields from ski instructor to child care, hospitality etc.  I fell into events after I met Miro because he gave me the opportunity to work at fashion week in Sydney.  From there I managed to score a role at New York Fashion week as a HUB Manager which then followed onto a permanent role in Australian Fashion Week.  9 years on, I am still working at Australian Fashion week and many other large scale events around the world.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love the human element of the job.  Being able to interact with all our partners and clients, and having the responsibility of creating a memorable first engagement point for them through the HUB space by developing an awesome vibe that represents their brand as well as the theme of Fashion Week.

When is your particular role bought into the planning process for a show/event/production?  For example what part of the planning process are you bought in to oversee major fashion runway shows?

My role begins about 8 weeks prior to event launch.  During this time, I start working with the sponsors to understand their activation purpose and aesthetic, and collaborate with them to create an experience worthy of such a high class event.

What advice would you give young people who would like to enter into the live event/ production industry in Sydney, Australia?

My advice would be to:- Be open to doing everything and always ask to do something – the more you do, the more you learn.   Event roles are a lot harder than they look, but the key to success is working hard and making it look easy! Also – invest in a good pair of comfortable shoes.  You will be in them a lot!

Most backstage/behind the scene roles are task focused.  What characteristics or attitude help be the best at your job?

A positive attitude is key. Enjoying what you do will not only make the longest of days go quickly, but it will also help propel you into bigger roles – no one wants to work with a negative attitude.  Don’t stress the small stuff – if you start worrying about it all, everything becomes harder.  Take a deep breath and keep moving forward.  There is always a solution.

What do you think are the challenges of your role?

One of the biggest challenges is managing client and sponsor expectation within the limits of the event.  You have to ensure they are happy and always having a good time, but not compromising the space or safety of the area.  Good communication always helps with this.

What event or production (could be sports, fashion, theatre) have you ever wanted to attend as a guest (that you haven’t attended as yet) and why?

I think the Glastonbury music festival in the UK would be top of the list. I would love to see the production on an event of this scale. And who doesn’t love a reason to get the gumboots out?


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