Behind the Door: Megan Downie

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    Behind the Door: Megan Downie


Behind the Door is a series that goes behind the scenes with Miro Door volunteers and teams, exploring the many ways in which we help connect people with opportunities within the fashion and creative industries.

Megan Downie has been one of our key volunteers for many fashion events and was selected as a Senior Stylist to assist Kelvin Harries and his team at the Laureate Fashion Awards.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, current studies and/or work and how you came to volunteer for Miro Door? 

I am currently in Buying Administration. I was looking to get some more practical experience to provide an understanding of the styling side of my work. Having done some back of house volunteering through Miro Door before for MBFWA, the Laureate Awards seemed a perfect fit!

With your Miro Door opportunities what has been some of the highlights for you?

Assisting renowned Stylist, Kelvin Harries has been the pinnacle of my experiences as this opportunity was facilitated through Miro Door. It was fantastic not only to build on my past volunteering roles, but also to be able to work over multiple days honing my skills.

With having the opportunity to be a Senior Stylist, could you please share the different tasks you were assigned to do?

Laureate Awards in 2017 featured a retrospective runway show of past winners, from Jenny Key to Toni Maticevski. Most of my work involved assisting in the preparation to the lead up to the show. I helped Kelvin Harries during three days of model fittings. Most of the clothes involved where archival pieces, so it was fantastic to be able to see first-hand the iconic designs. This role also included assisting Back of House volunteers to understand how to dress each look for the show and ensuring there were no discrepancies in the dressing process.

Do you feel your experience as a volunteer for Miro Door was beneficial and a good path to take considering your goals and aspirations?

Miro Door is particularly good at offering practical hands-on opportunities for all skill levels and for people from high school to full time workers. I’ve found that each role I’ve had has really been an opportunity to solidify my love for the industry I work in!

Any tips for first time Volunteers for Miro Door?

Apply early and remain committed. Each role Miro Door offers has many applicants, and as in life many people have things come up and have to change their availability at the last minute. Sticking to your word really gives you the one up when it comes to the day, as the most obvious display of your enthusiasm.

The next best thing you can do is to offer to help in everything and anything. Volunteering particularly at Fashion Week activities is helpful as its high intensity and busy, so if you’re not proactive in putting yourself forward for jobs it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. 


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