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    Behind the Door: Jody Head

Source: Daily Telegraph

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your current studies?

Recently completing my Certificate III in Fashion Design and Technology at Fashion Design Studio Ultimo, I am currently in the process of studying a Diploma in Applied Fashion Design and Merchandising at Fashion Design Studio, Ultimo.  I am also completing an extra course in art finishing, millinery and props, which is fascinating and creatively challenging. 

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Over time during the course, my computer skills have developed, which were previously minimal. I have always been creative and I am eager to develop these skills.

I have always had a passion for sewing and from this skill; it is fair to say this is where my passion for fashion has developed and really enjoy creating costumes and garments for costume parties, music concerts or creating gorgeous outfits to wear to the pool or waft around the house in.  I inherited my sewing skills from my mother and grandmother, both of whom grew up sewing and have continued to use this skill throughout their lives.

I also enjoy watching fashion shows especially with my brother. From these shows came the inspiration to work on collaborations together.

It has been a privilege to be a part of fashion runway shows as a volunteer for Miro Door this year. This has seen me help with preparing garments and dressing models for the runway.  From this experience I can see how fine details can make a big difference when the model is on the catwalk.

Will you be taking any further studies or have any job roles you would like to try?

I would like to focus on completing my Diploma and also continue to do volunteer work wherever possible.  This way I can keep my eye out for any creative endeavours that might come my way.

3D printing has become an inspiration for me and has many opportunities in the fashion industry. I have a number of designs that I would like to create and also look into taking further study or participating in specific workshops to increase my ability in this specific area.

I am following Charne Esterhuizen the 23 year old digitial fashion designer for MAAK from Canberra and Iris Van Herpen and I would love the opportunity to work with either of them one day. However my ultimate goal would be to complete a degree in 3D printed fashion at University, this course is not yet available, only because it does not exist yet, however I’m sure will be on the horizon.

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You were recently part of the Miro Door team for the two Sydney Myer Spring/Summer show launches.  Can you tell us a little about your experience?

The two Myer fashion shows were an amazing experience because I helped to work on some of the pieces that were modelled during the show at South Coogee. I was also lucky enough to be given the position as emergency assistant to the Wardrobe Managers for the show, Sally and Joey.  This was an all encompassing role, if there was anything either of them needed I was their primary support.  I love the super-fast pace behind the scenes atmosphere for any runway show and for this show it was no different, we worked in the confines of a small space which added adrenaline to the happenings backstage.

Later on in the afternoon at the second Myer show in Bronte, I relished the opportunity to manage a section of Miro Door volunteer dressers which meant supporting them with anything required before, during and after the show.  I had a good knowledge of the collection and also the stylists design concepts from helping with the preparation for this show.

Image Source: Myer

Can you share with us any events you have been involved in for Miro Door and what you have loved about your experiences?

I worked throughout the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia as a volunteer. Most of the time I was pleased to work back of house teams and during this week I also tried front of house once. In back of house we dressed models, were involved in garment preparation and also last minute sewing.  That’s the great thing about doing work experience with Miro Door, there are lots of opportunities to do with a variety of tasks, bringing the skills you already have to the table and also to be given the chance to learn new things.

What is about Back of House tasks that you enjoy and why?

I learnt a lot about what it takes to put on a show down to the smallest detail.  Being part of the team in Back of House I love being able to see the garments and beautiful fabrics up close and most of all to see how they were created, especially how they are sewn. I also enjoy getting to talk and listen to the professionals who are the models, stylists, designers and the multitude of interesting creative people back stage. Helping someone’s artistic vision and passion come to life is one of my greatest pleasures.

Image Source: The Event Group

Have there be any interesting people who have met along the way that have made an impression on you and why?

Everyone I have come across in all the runway shows has been pretty cool. Everyone is very nice, happy to help you learn and gain the most out of the experience as you can. Katie Rhodes is pretty cool, it’s amazing how she can organise so many people at once and she will try and meet everyone’s needs and requests. She really encourages you to give things a go and enjoy yourself.

Do you feel your experience as a volunteer for Miro Door was beneficial and a good path to take considering your goals and aspirations?

Definitely! I have learnt so many things about the industry as a whole and about myself. Different jobs that I think I would enjoy doing in the future and some of the ones I might prefer not to do. Every time I volunteer or do work experience with Miro Door I gain so many more skills which is helping me to continue working towards my goal of being a fashion designer.

Any tips for first time Volunteers for Miro Door?

Always be prepared to give something a go! Be ready to learn, have a good attitude and understand that sometimes there is a little waiting around to be done but it is worth it in the end.


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