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    August Q & A

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This month we chatted to Matilda Brown, actress and new mum who is appearing in the new Australian film Palm Beach which was directed by her mother, Rachel Ward and starring her dad, Bryan Brown.

1. Who, what or where is so hot right now?

Recycled clothing. And fashion with an environmental conscience. It’s all the rage.  Get on board.

2. Finish this sentence, “I am always ready to wear…”

My boyfriend’s T-shirts and briefs. I got into the habit of wearing his briefs during my pregnancy and man are they comfortable. 

3.  Bruises, blisters and bad hair cuts – have you suffered for fashion? If so, state the injury.  Was it worth it?

Yes, blisters.  I don’t wear heels anymore because of them. I’m 100% practical. I just like to be comfortable. Which means no heels. Unless they invent a Bandaid which actually works on blistered feet. 

 4. What is your favourite fashion moment on film?

Ummmm.... I always thought Olivia Newton-John’s character Sandy’s “You’re the one that I want” outfit from the movie “Grease’ was super hot.  So I’ll go with that. 

5. Do you remember the first time you felt fashionable?  How old were you?  What were you wearing?

I was 6. I wanted clogs for Christmas and I got them. I loved them!! I stomped around the house all summer.  I remember thinking: “This must be what grown ups feel like.” I think I got over them pretty quickly.  We lived by the beach.  Clogs weren’t practical.

 6. Who would beat you in a walk-off?

Anyone and everyone would beat me in a walk off. 

7. Have you ever committed a crime of fashion?  What was it?  Were you guilty or not guilty?

Yes. Everyday. Sometimes my boyfriend looks at me and says, “Really?” And I say “Yes!  Do you still love me?” And he says, “Yes but I think you need to throw out those jeans.” And I say, “No way they’re comfy”. I wish I cared more and yet, I’m glad I don’t.  Makes life easier. 


8. What is the one thing that you never leave home without?

I try to take as little as possible with me anywhere I go.  So basically, aside from what I’m wearing, I take my phone, which has a dorky case on it with all my cards in it. 


9. “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat.”  Do you agree or disagree?

Sweatpants I actually don’t do. I think some people rock them.  I’m not one of them. 

10. If you fashion fairy godmother could grant you one wish, what would it be?

Permission to wear the same thing everyday and not have to wash it and not have people look at me like “Oh my god! She’s wearing that AGAIN!”


Palm Beach is opening in Australian cinemas on 8 August.  


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