Activewear - The Timeless Trend

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    Activewear - The Timeless Trend


We often see celebrities get snapped going to and from the gym, or sneaking out for a coffee in their activewear. Their outfits are always so effortlessly styled - the perfect balance between work, and play. The good news: No matter who you are, or what you do this trend is definitely the easiest to nail (and you don’t even have to be going near a gym to own it).

The media often focuses on all the high fashion and just-off-the-runway looks, but I want to turn my attention towards the underdog. Towards the more casual, and realistic everyday looks that we, as the observers can easily replicate (hoorah!).


If you give the active wear trend a go, you will feel amazing. Yep, your comfort levels are going to be so sky-high, dare I say it, you might go for a walk, or even renew that gym membership. But aside from that you will also look amazing, too.

To get yourself rolling on the activewear bandwagon invest in some full-length leggings, a cute crop, and a classic pair of sneakers and just like that you’re already halfway there. 

Crop Tops

Kengi shows us that it's okay to bare a little skin. Try pairing the crop top with some high-waisted leggings if you're a lil' bit too shy to show some of the mid area (A high waist also does wonders to slim the waistline, and hips).


Check out Cotton on Body for some cute, affordable everyday looks. Otherwise Lorna Jane, Bandier, and Stylerunner for some seriously durable, and trendy (but a little more pricey) activewear.

The Sweater
Style this look with a full-length legging and feminine sunglasses. Rosie and Gigi turn a simple grey classic, into a sporty on-trend look (activewear, activewear, staying on trend in your activewear).


So put the dress down, and reach for a pair of sneakers because girl, comfort is definitely in with this trend.


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