The Biggest Trends of 2017 Fashion


The Biggest Trends of 2017

More than one month into the new year and after the first round of Fashion Weeks, there are already few trends we can be sure will be the highlight of 2017. Some have already made a shy appearance in 2016 but they seem to be ready to flourish now.
Lenni The Label - Exquisite and Unique Fashion

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Lenni The Label - Exquisite and Unique

A pure success story, Lisa Stricker’s (also known as Lenni) inextricable strife to promote her own creative brilliance and ultimate passion for original fashion, has definitely paid off. Born out of Lenni’s first project Lenni Vintage - which catered for all aspiring fashion queens who adored one-off pieces of re-crafted denim and eccentric vintage treasures, Lenni The Label, is testament to the possibility of a new, and authentic style in the fashion realm.
Tuesday Vintage - A Fashion Phenomena. Fashion


Tuesday Vintage - A Fashion Phenomena.

The spectacular Tuesday Vintage is undeniably the fastest growing online fashion platform, where beloved second-hand clothes and accessories are scouted and re-worked by the fashionista Rachel March. Established in 2012, stylist and founder Rachel March exhibits her unfathomable creativity, selling unique vintage pieces from all decades, which have adolescents beaming with excitement.

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