The Dappertude Fashion

Source: All photographs by Toby Sullivan from Melbourne_My_Style

The Dappertude

The Dappertude was founded by Johnny Li in 2016 and had its first launch in Sydney last year. The Dappertude is used to describe a gentleman who has some 'Dapper Attitude' going on. It's the representation in the way a man presents himself through his personal style, fashion choices and grooming and how they come to create their own unique creativity and persona.
REVOLVEfestival Fashion

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Coloured sunglasses, denim, high waisted shorts, braids, kimonos, summer dresses and body suits were all on trend!
Drew Barrymore - Someone To Adore Fashion

Source: Hamptons Magazine

Drew Barrymore - Someone To Adore

Drew Barrymore, besides being a natural-born star from a young age, making her debut in the timeless film ET, is the quintessential 90s fashion icon. She always appears effortless, as evident with her loose French plait, Levi jeans, and faded maroon blazer and her very trendy cat-eye shades.
Lets Talk About Denim! Fashion

Source: Image via Instagram: @kimkardashion

Let's Talk About Denim!

Denim has always been there when it comes to fashion, however, during this year's runway shows denim appeared to take centre stage.

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