Here's how chic girls wearing boots in summer! Fashion

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Here's how chic girls wearing boots in summer!

Let’s face it—we just can’t get enough of the boot trend (and yes, it’s still a thing). You may have put the rest of our fall and winter boots into storage for the summer, but this style is one you’ll want to keep out and well within reach. Don’t get us wrong, we love wearing our favorite sandals (and showing off a newly minted pedicure) when the temperatures rise, but there’s something so refreshing about outfits with boots for the summer.
Five Ways To Beat Burnout Career

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Five Ways To Beat Burnout

Nabbing a job you love is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, working in the fashion industry is likely the fulfilment of a lifelong goal; the days of dressing up in your mum’s heels as a toddler and lunchtimes in the Textiles rooms at school have all led to this. And that’s exactly what makes career burnout all the more possible and devastating.

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