Behind the Door: James Seneviratne Career

Source: James Seneviratne

Behind the Door: James Seneviratne

Behind the Door is a series that goes behind the scenes with Miro Door volunteers, exploring the many ways in which we help connect young people with opportunities within the fashion and creative industries. Today, we get to know James Seneviratne - a photographer and creative who proves that one chance meeting can open up doors to a whole new career...
Just Go With It Career

Source: Stephan Felix

Just Go With it

Getting your foot through the door. Becoming a volunteer or an intern. Where to find them
and how to nail them.
An Interview with Rachael Cassar Fashion


An Interview with Rachael Cassar

Rachael Cassar is a Australian designer, leading the way in designing sustainable fashion. Recently celebrating ten years of her brand, Rachael Cassar, she spoke to us about her brand and her experiences in the fashion industry.
Vogue VS Fashion Bloggers Fashion


Vogue VS Fashion Bloggers

I was at my last year of Uni and there wasn't any Pinterest or Instagram to browse searching for outfit inspirations back in 2009. I was then addicted of, a platform where an elite of people, selected by the creators, were uploading their daily outfits. One of the most popular girls on the website had my same name, Chiara. I didn't know yet she would become one of the most internationally known Fashion Bloggers and ambassador of a movement that is still flipping the scale of the Fashion world.

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