Setting the Pace Career

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Setting the Pace

Set Designers are responsible for the artistic design and presentation of a stage. The job of a set designer includes mapping out venues, scenery, props and landscapes. They also make decisions on whether or not construction is necessary to complement an overall production.
Party Season Redux Style


Party Season Redux

With school/work/life back in full swing for 2017, there’s no denying our wardrobe are too. But just because the holidays are over, doesn’t we have to retire our favourite party season pieces to the corner of the closet. Ahead, we look at some fresh ways to work those after-dark pieces for day - no dress code necessary.



Highly-acclaimed American actress Gwenyth Paltrow, whose starring in films Sliding Doors (1998) and Shallow Hall (2001) brought her worldwide fame, is a classic beauty not to be ignored. Her 90’s fashion style is irresistible and inspiring; and her natural flair for glamour and trendiness is levelled with Kate Moss and Winona Ryder’s timeless and effortless charm.
The House of Dior - The Beginnings Fashion

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The House of Dior - The Beginnings

In celebration of the 70th anniversary of the prestigious couture house of Dior we take a look into the world of the French Courtier, Christian Dior, his beginnings, his designs and his connection with Australia.

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